Locating Rings - Economy
Technical Information
Not Hardened
  • Designed to be used with EUG1 Sprue Bushes


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Locating Rings – Economy

Code Description D1 S Price/1
EAC160 Locating Ring P Ø60x10 60 10 P.O.R.
EAC170 Locating Ring P Ø70x10 70 10 P.O.R.
EAC180 Locating Ring P Ø80x10 80 10 P.O.R.
EAC190 Locating Ring P Ø90x10 90 10 P.O.R.
EAC1100 Locating Ring P Ø100x10 100 10 P.O.R.
EAC110015 Locating Ring P Ø100x15 100 15 P.O.R.
EAC110020 Locating Ring P Ø100x20 100 20 P.O.R.
EAC1125 Locating Ring P Ø125x10 125 10 P.O.R.
EAC112515 Locating Ring P Ø125x15 125 15 P.O.R.
EAC112520 Locating Ring P Ø125x20 125 20 P.O.R.
EAC1150 Locating Ring P Ø150x10 150 10 P.O.R.
EAC1175 Locating Ring P Ø175x10 175 10 P.O.R.
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3-5 w-days
5-10 w-days
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