Date Insert - Letters A-L
Technical Information
  • Ball lock function to prevent rotation
  • Accurate arrow indication using ball positioning
  • Price competitive and easy to install


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Date Insert – Letters A-L

Code Description d L Price/1
CA3-AL Date Insert Ø3-AL letters 3 6 P.O.R.
CA4-AL Date Insert Ø4-AL letters 4 6 P.O.R.
CA5-AL Date Insert Ø5-AL letters 5 8 P.O.R.
CA6-AL Date Insert Ø6-AL letters 6 10 P.O.R.
CA8-AL Date Insert Ø8-AL letters 8 10 P.O.R.
CA10-AL Date Insert Ø10-AL letters 10 12 P.O.R.
CA12-AL Date Insert Ø12-AL letters 12 12 P.O.R.
CA16-AL Date Insert Ø16-AL letters 16 14 P.O.R.
CA20-AL Date Insert Ø20-AL letters 20 14 P.O.R.
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3-5 w-days
5-10 w-days
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